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If You've Got The Time...

We've Got The Beer!


An Old Fashioned Neighborhood Pub • Open 11am-Midnight Daily in Downtown Sioux Falls

• A unique, vintage, nostalgic atmosphere
• Tasteful finishes hand selected to feel quaint
• Relics of yesteryear: jukebox, retro beer signs, matchbooks, etc.
• A focus on local taps and traditions (make it a martini for 50 cents)

• Retro beers on tap like Grain Belt, PBR and Coors Banquet Beer
• A staple for watching sporting events or playing cards with friends
• Neighborly service and unassuming staff
• An old-fashioned pub amongst the upscale downtown spots


Jalan Crossland

Saturday May 18th • Doors at 6:00PM • Show at 7:00 PM


Nationally acclaimed bluegrass and country singer-songwriter Jalan Crossland is coming to play at the pub on Saturday, May 18th at 7pm! Seating is limited so tickets will be available via pre-sale for $20 apiece until they sell out. Tickets can be purchased online or at the pub and those who purchase tickets will have their name listed at Will Call and will receive a wristband the night of the event.

Along with dozens of regional contest awards, his extraordinary guitar work earned him National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship Runner Up honors in ’97 and the State Flatpick Championship title of his home state in 1999. Crossland was awarded Wyoming Public Radio's people's choice award for best Wyoming release of 2017. In 2013, Crossland was bestowed with the Governor's Arts Award by Matt Mead for his contributions to the arts in Wyoming. He is the second musician to ever receive the award. He was also named a "Wyoming Treasure" by the Wyoming Arts Council.


This show is 21+ only - no minors!

Check Jalan Out:

  • Youtube
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify

Our Founders Club

Over Two Dozen Founding Members Can't Be Wrong! We Salute Those That Are Helping Us Make The Orion Pub A Reality!

As downtown Sioux Falls continues its rapid growth, it seems as though there’s a new swanky cocktail bar or fancy dining establishment opening every month. As trends often do, the upscale drinking and dining segment has exploded in downtown Sioux Falls, but as the masses zig, many of us are tempted to zag and find a relaxed, unassuming atmosphere where we can sit down over beers with a friend and be ourselves. A neighborhood bar that makes us feel like we’re stepping back to simpler times as we belly up to the bar and enjoy a nostalgic pint of something classic. THIS is what downtown Sioux Falls is missing... a vintage brew pub with a neighborly feel that’s been purpose-built for friends and neighbors, men and women, all are welcome at The Orion.


We're not rich men, we're average folks just like you, which is why we'd like to thank our Founders Club Members for their generosity in helping us bring a neighborhood pub to the heart of downtown. Through our Founders Club, we were able to raise nearly $11,000 in startup funds for The Orion Pub!


Platinum Members

Jerry and Colleen Graff


Gold Members

The White Wall Sessions

Agent Foxx


Silver Members

Sioux Falls Simplified

Greg and Melissa Van Den Berg

Cheryl Olson

Matt and Lisa Butler

Tony and Ellie Larsen

Paul and Laura Schroeder

Kyle Leroy

Paul Tschetter

Mark Kinney

Tim McCarthy

Toby Uecker


Bronze Members

Curt and Sonja Olson

The Hunt Family

Joyce Martinec

Tim Hentges

Keith Oppold

Kae Januschka

Bryce Couch and Evelyn Vandemark

John Gaskins

Brooke Ponto

Mariannette Kudrle


in the heart of downtown

Neighborly Taps

Downtown Sioux Falls is missing a neighborhood pub where everybody knows your name and relics of yesteryear exist in full force. Drop in and enjoy retro taps like Hamm's, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Grain Belt and Coors Banquet Beer on tap alongside local craft taps and regional favorites. 

We see The Orion as a gathering place for regular folks: an old fashioned watering hole that's a relaxed contrast over some of the more upscale spots in downtown Sioux Falls. 

Let's grab a beer.

Behind the Bar

Our ownership team are lifelong residents of the Sioux Falls area. Get to know em'.



A service industry veteran, Thomas spent much of the last decade in bar / taproom management. He is also a local musician with a passion for entertainment and a propensity for connecting with folks of all backgrounds across the bar.




Jon cut his teeth in the restaurant industry in high school and college. After over a decade in marketing and communications, Jon took a chance on a little neighborhood spot named Sunny's Pizzeria and got back into food and beverage. Three years later, he's joined forced with Thomas to create a relaxed local pub in the heart of downtown. 

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